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Resolving problems will show KL sensitive – UPKO

KOTA KINABALU May 27, 2011: Former deputy chief minister Datuk Wences Angang has called on the government to take affirmative action against issues affecting Sabah, such as the perennial illegal immigrant problem.

The United Pasokmomogun KadazanDusun Murut Organization (UPKO) in a statement yesterday, said that resolving the problems would show the people of Sabah just how sensitive the federal government was to issues affecting the state.

“The next visit by a federal government leader should be  by the Home Minister himself armed with a package to positively address the issues of illegal immigrants and the dubious issuance of MyKad to foreigners.

“And most importantly, the right legal option taken on this so-called ‘Sultan of Sulu’ to show that indeed federal leaders are sensitive to the problems faced by Malaysians in Sabah,” Wences stressed.

Wences also said that he fully supported UPKO deputy president and Tuaran member of parliament Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred M Bumburing’s call on the government and Home Minister to strip self-proclaimed Sultan of Sulu, Datu Mohd Akjan Datu Ali Muhammad of his Malaysian citizenship.

According to Wences, he was personally insulted by Mohd Akjan’s claim to be a descendant of the Sultan of Sulu.

Wences pointed out that Mohd Akjan’s claim is proof that he was not born in Sabah but in another country and is therefore an illegal immigrant.

“His (Mohd Akjan) status should not be the only one subjected to investigation … all those involved in giving him the citizenship and MyKad which allowed him to hold important posts in this country, including being a member of a political party, must also be investigated.

“This is also a mockery on the political party that accepted him in the first place,” he opined.

On the call by Bumburing for the government to revoke and nullify all citizenship and MyKads granted and issued to non-deserving foreigners, Wences stressed that it was a sincere and noble call representing the voice of Malaysian citizens in Sabah.

“We therefore fully support the struggle being continued by Bumburing despite the existence of certain quarters perhaps who are unhappy that this issue is being brought up unendingly by UPKO MPs in parliament.

“Along these lines, I urge all political leaders in Sabah who have been voicing out this issue only at a certain time and at a particular place just to suit their taste, to stand up and walk their talk,” he said.

Wences pointed out that Barisan Nasional (BN) is looked upon as the ruling government with the people’s interest at heart.

However, if the government hopes to get the people to listen to it and support its concept, it must listen to what the most pertinent issues are affecting the life of Malaysian in Sabah, be it social, cultural or the economy, that are being brought up by the state’s MPs on the people’s behalf.

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  1. Hope that the government will walk the talk.

  2. Ask the Philipines government to set up their consulate here in Sabah then we talk about eradicating these PTI's...how to eradicate them if we dont have place to send them back?

  3. usaha perlu digandakan lagi untuk menyelesaikan masalah PATI..

  4. isu PATI, projek ic, Sultan Sulu palsu...semuanya harus dihapuskan.

  5. Keran PATI negara kita bermasalah.

  6. enah bila masalah ini akan selesai.

  7. Berusahalah menyelesaikan masalah pendatang tanpa izin.

  8. Hapuskan punca kepada segala masalah.

  9. with the operation carried out twice a week by immigration department, hopefully we will be able to see a big improvement by end of this year..