Selasa, November 24, 2009


image Among the roles of PTAs is only to assist their schools in monitoring the students’ activities and welfare.

“Their roles do not include observing or monitoring the teachers. This task requires certain skills and the School Inspector Board has trained personnel to do the job,”

“It is better if the job is left to those who are qualified,”

Sabah State Education Director Datuk Normah Gagoh


image The education authority is better trained to handle and manage the problem.

Parents could help by attending PTA meetings and other school activities.

“But this does not mean parents should leave the education of their children entirely to the teachers as they too play an equally big role to educate their children,”

Parents could also make complaints against errant teachers during the periodical meetings of the PTA.

“From my own experience as a parent, I find that a major problem faced by the management of many schools is to get parents to attend PTA meetings.

“In many schools, less than 50 percent of parents bother to attend the annual general meeting of PTA, and most of those who turned up are mothers.

“Some years ago I attended a PTA AGM of a major school in KK and only 13 parents showed up. Two of them were fathers and I was one of them ,”

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun who is also the minister in charge of education in Sabah

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