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Screening for all applications: CJ

Ranau 2/12/2012: All late applications for the registration of birth certificates and identity cards to the mobile court service will be screened before being processed.

Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak Tan Sri Richard Malanjum said this was to ensure the applicants were valid Malaysian citizens who were the only ones who can apply through the service.

"Some quarters have come up with baseless claims that illegal immigrants have used this mobile court service as a quick way to obtain Malaysian birth certificates and identity cards,"

he told reporters when met during a mobile court programme at Kampung Bongkud, here, Saturday.

Meanwhile, Chief Judge of Malaya Tun Arifin Zakaria said the mobile court service had proven effective in addressing the problem of late registration of valid Malaysian citizens in rural areas.

He said with courts going to the people, the service helped to ease the financial burden of the people, especially where transportation was costly.

Members of the Judicial Appointment Commission led by Arifin also took part in the programme.

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