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Jimmy and Clarice are Choice Award winners


The award winners with Clarice (eighth from left).

KOTA KINABALU 24/12/2012: Singer and songwriter, Jimmy Palikat, well known for his hit, “Tanak Kampung” won the Male Singer Choice Award at an inaugural award ceremony hosted by Persatuan Rumpun Artis Sabah (PARAS) on Saturday night.

Jimmy has been successful not just in Sabah but nationwide too and has even been making inroads in Indonesia.

The Female Singer Choice Award went to Clarice John Mattha for her success in the local music industry.

Janrywine J Lusin, made popular by the song, “Macam Di KK”, won the Promising Male Singer Award. His song has been used in advertisements broadcast on national television.

Ivye Alexander was named Promising Female Singer.

The awards are given to Sabahan artistes in recognition and appreciation of their achievements and contribution since 2002 to elevate the standard of Sabahan artistes to be at par with their peninsular counterparts.

Meanwhile, in the actor/actress categories, Ebi Kornelis won the TV Actor Choice Award and Marsha Milan Londoh the TV Actress Choice Award.

Marlin Malahin won the Promising TV Actor Award and his counterpart, Lia Natalia grabbed the Promising TV Actress Award.

PARAS also presented awards in the veteran category. The Veteran TV Actor Choice Award went to Mat Congo @ OM, and the Veteran TV Actress Award to Hasnah Ibrahim.

Other recipients were Stacey for winning the Akademi Fantasia Season 6; Pija, Fiq, and Salma for winning Juara Mentor 2005, 2006, and 2011 respectively.

Ayu received an award for winning the One In A Million Season 2 reality show.

Rey received an award for winning Bintang RTM 2007 and Melodi Emas Festival ASEAN 2008, while Kecik received an award for winning Raja Lawak Musim Ke4, and Jiaja was awarded for winning in Blast Off Astro.

Producers of the film Orang Kita, Skyline Sdn Bhd, which sold more than 100,000 copies were given the DVD Blockbuster Film Award.

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