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Youths urged to consider career in wildlife management

KOTA KINABALU 6/10/2012: The Sabah Wildlife Department is encouraging youths to explore and consider career opportunities in wildlife management as well as conservation.

Its director, Laurentius Ambu, said the state needed to start building a team of local ‘warriors’ to continue protecting and caring for the wildlife in Sabah.

Speaking at the state-level World Animal Day at Hongkod Koisaan yesterday, he said awareness and education at all levels were important in inculcating and developing a culture of respect and sensitivity so that senseless cruelty could be prevented.

“Many years from today, it is foreseen that the new generation will face even greater global environmental challenges as more pressure is put on the limited resources that the earth has.

“Depending on how well we protect and care for our environment now, we may not see our many endangered species that we are so proud of today, like the Orang Utan, Sunbears, Bornean Elephants and Sumatran Rhinoceros,” he said adding that it was sad, yet a realistic possibility that the only way they would know of those species would be through pictures and videos.

Ambu also said it was important for humans to have respect towards the animals, wildlife and the environment.

The one-day state-level World Animal Day event yesterday was in support of organisations such as Borneo Conservation Trust, Sabah Wildlife Department, Environmental Action Centre, Bornean Sunbear Conservation Centre, SPCA Kota Kinabalu, The Green Connection and many more.

Organizing chairman Rasmir Rashid in his welcoming speech said animal welfare applied not only to pets such as cats and dogs, but wildlife animals were also included.

“Cruelty, abuse, deliberate killings and unscrupulous habitat encroachment are examples of our doings. We don’t have to protect these animals from themselves, but we have to protect them from us.

“Extinction and destruction of our natural treasures will surely hurt the tourism industry in Sabah,” he said at the launching which was attended by teachers, students, corporate and government representatives.

Among the activities held at Hongkod Koisaan yesterday were Face to Face with Borneon Elephant and Animal for Adoption, building an Orang Utan Bridge competition, quiz and campaigns on animal care and prevention of cruelty to animals.

At night, the Animal Welfare Awareness Concert was held where various performances were showcased to raise funds to continue the activities of wildlife conservation.

Among the performers yesterday were Clarice John Matha, The Ariez, Appy, 4AG, Miss Earth Joanne Faurillo, Clarabelle Shiu Xiao Lin, Body Care Events, Janrywine J. Lusin, Rhythm of Borneo, Jimmy Palikat, One Nation Emcees and also choral speaking and Chinese drums performances from SRK St Francis Convent Kota Kinabalu and SRJK Chung Hwa Kota Kinabalu.

The launch was graced by Assistant Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Bolkiah Ismail.

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