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‘Cyber casinos use latest Internet technology’

KUCHING September 19, 2012: Cyber casino operators are said to be playing hide-and-seek with the police through the latest Internet technology.

State police commissioner Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said he could not deny that cyber casinos which had long been in existence in the state had been using the latest Internet technology to elude the police.

“We have to find new ways to get them. We have stepped up our surveillance, monitoring and enforcement to keep them in check,” Acryl said here yesterday.

He added that their ongoing effort to curb cyber casinos had kept the situation under control.

On whether students were among those frequenting cyber casino outlets, Acryl said students constituted the minority.

The majority of those patronising such illegal online gambling outlets were mainly young adults.

He said these online casinos were usually linked to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Macau websites. The customers could change cash for credit online to play.

“They can then change the credit into cash when they want to leave,” said Acryl.

He said only regular customers were offered the online casinos and the police would have to go undercover to break the case.

“The most challenging part is that cyber casino operators keep changing their Internet technology to make it harder for us to get to them,” said Acryl.

by Lian Cheng


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