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NANNING: Malaysian businessmen have caught a whiff of China's palate for durian and they are raking in profits.


A visitor trying a durian fritter sold at the Duria Manufacturing Sdn Bhd booth at the Ninth China-Asean Expo

25/092012: Durian-based products are a hit at the Ninth China-Asean Expo and there are signs of greater demand.

Be it frozen or flavoured in fritters, pancakes, ice cream and crisps, durian by-products were briskly sold at the trade fair from Sept 21 to 25.

At the Malaysian Pavilion coordinated by Matrade, eight of the 136 companies promoted durian products.

Nanning-based food supplier Xiao Xinmei said the products by the Malaysian companies were well-packed and could be sold more easily compared to durian fruits.

"Thailand durian are more popular as it is sold whole but its shelf life is shorter compared to what the Malaysians are offering. The variety, too, gives it more value," said Xiao, who plans to secure an agreement as a distributor with a Malaysian company.

Durian is considered premium in China and only those from the high income group could afford it. The introduction of durian by-products has, however, made it more affordable to a wider range of buyers.

On the eve of the expo launch, a memorandum of understanding for durian-based products was signed between Malaysian company Duria Manufacturing and China's Guangzhou Metrogreen.

Duria managing director Wong Woei Ming said they were also supplying nine durian-based products to Walmart and Jusco in Guangzhou.

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