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STAR: Fix it, don't just mumble on plans

RANAU August 17, 2012: Today's explanation by the Sabah Water Department Director Ag Mohd Tahir Talip on the water supply problem in four kampungs in Ranau which staged a demonstraion last weekend speaks volume of our doomed condition.

Don't just acknowledge the problem and cite every plans and pledge that could be imagined. Fix the problem fast, treat this no water supply as urgent matter and don't drag this for another election time just to make some more promises to the marginalised natives.

The water authorities together with leaders of the ruling party should go really down on the grounds to examine where the problem lies and carry out some immediate remedy with passion and some seriousness. Don't play with the people's life and sanity.

The people I met in Ranau were tired of just gimmick announcements every now and then everytime there is problem. We believe the water problem affecting Kg Paka 1, Kibbas, Koporingan and Purak Ogis is not unique to us but found everywhere else in Sabah.

The state authorities should deliver results now and not deliver rethorics or mere lip-service to resolve our perennial most basic need - clean water.

Last weekend a group of 60 representatives from four kampungs staged a 15-minute peaceful sit-in protest at Kg Kibbas tamu ground in a protest of what they called the ruling party's "Janji Tak Ditepati" or "false promise" on providing water supply to them.

They had claimed the kampung folks had been without supply of clean water for years and things got messier as the only iron water tank that used to store water from Mesilau river has rusted with knee's deep mud and rust inside it, having never been maintained or cleaned.

Ly J. Sya Welliam (ed: Ly J. Welliam), the spokesman for the group had said, the water tank could no longer store water and that many of about 3,000 in the four kampungs had always been without clean water.

"We are forced to use rain water... some of us have to buy raw water and bring home every now and then for our domestic chores. Until when must we wait for clean water supply? It is almost 50 years of independence this month..." he said.

The four kampungs involved in the protest held at Kampung Kibbas roadside here today are Paka 1, Koporingan, Purak Ogis and Kibbas itself.

They held their peaceful sit-in demonstration under the watchful eyes of a group of policemen from the district police.

By Kanul Gindol

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