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August 23, 2012: THE RANAU folks who had purchased a house from the SPNB housing project in Kg Badukan Ranau were very disappointed by the many years of long wait for there dream house to be finally completed and handed over to them. The housing project is being built by the Syarikat Perumahan Nasional Berhad (SPNB), a subsidiary wholly owned by the Ministry of Finance.

The people here complained to the visiting KK MP Hiew King Cheu concerning the delayed project. The project is to build and deliver 528 units of houses in Kg Badukan in Ranau comprising of 154 units of low cost terrace houses, 100 units of medium/low cost terrace houses and 274 units of medium cost terrace houses. The cost is ranging from RM57,000 to some RM105,000.

The project started work since 2006, and until 2008 the problem of slow down and even stop work occurred on site.

Many people who bought had been waiting patiently and until today they still couldn’t have the house, and they just don’t know when they can move in to their new house.

The work on site according to the people here is very slow and there is not much activity from the contractor. There is a few workers doing some small work, but it seems that they are not really working full speed. The work done on site if going on with this rate may take at least two more years to complete or never.

The house buyers are angry and have made complaints to SPNB. Very sadly there wasn’t any respond and action taken. This makes the people more worry as when the project can be completed.

They said they are paying installment and interest to the banks where they borrowed money to the developer SPNB. They are suffering heavily, and they want their houses now and not excuses from SPNB and the MOF. The MOF cannot deliver the houses is definitely the biggest joke! They said what else the MOF can do for Malaysian!

KK MP Hiew views that the total failure caused by the SPNB and MOF reflects the inability and incapability of the present BN government. The simple task of building some houses for the people also cannot be accomplished with efficiency and effectiveness.

There are many SPNB projects faced the same faith and we just don’t see they can finish these thousand of houses and apartments at any early dates. It is really not understandable why the SPNB projects faced such difficulty, may be our Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak can explain to us better.

If according to Tan Sri Koh Su Kyun’s KPI (Key Performance Index) Najib should be in deep trouble and can be sacked already! The people demand to move into their house immediately.

Hiew further asked, is it so difficulty to complete a simple housing project like this in Ranau? Where is the promises made by the government that there is a roof for every one? Now the slogan for the Malaysian Day as announce by the BN government is “Janji Ditepati”, is really demonstrating that they have lied to the Ranau people. It is true many people now saying that in fact it is better be “Janji Tidak Ditepati”!

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