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Rebellious divisions holding Najib back

July 11, 2012: Why is Prime Minister and Umno president Najib Tun Razak procrastinating in naming an election date?

After all, he’s enjoying a good personal rating, and good reports from the ground. Not forgetting Umno is now flush with cash.

The real reason he delays and delays, and huffs and puffs is that he fears a looming revolt within Umno.

The incumbents are insisting they are winnable. Would anyone dare replace warlord Tajudin Rahman (Pasir Salak), for example?

Najib is facing potential revolts in all divisions.

Even if he pays the incumbents lots of money, the people supporting the replaced incumbents will sabotage Umno.

More so the incumbents who feel they are winnable but are humiliated because they are not chosen.

The eager beavers who thought they would be chosen but sidelined will muster whatever they can to sabotage Umno.

This is the only reason why Najib is delaying the election date.

Will the one million plus Umno members who have shifted from the “dark side” to the “bright side” come back?

Najib ‘begs’ Taib

Well maybe 5% have but that still leaves more than one million Umno members who will vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

Najib is desperate and he is looking at Sabah and Sarawak for help.

He went to Sarawak recently to plead for an extended lifeline. But the people of Sarawak are not easily fooled any longer.

Chief Minister Taib Mahmud is an old but wizened geezer. He is keen and sharp to the deceptive manoeuvres of Najib.

After all, wasn’t Najib, the Umno president, who repeatedly humiliated him (Taib) by asking him to retire quickly (and in public too)?

The call came from the president of a party who wasn’t able to achieve a 100% win in 2008.

Najib was talking down to Taib, the president of another party who retained all (read 100%) of the seats his candidates contested in.

That’s why Taib sent word to Najib, through an emissary, saying “we shall see who leaves office first”.

The fact is Najib can’t win over the reasonable Malay.

The reasonable Malay is the person riding the LRT, the Metro, or the successor to the famed Sri Jaya bus.

‘All thunder but no rain’

We can’t underestimate the intelligence of these commuters who read in between the lines and are able to seive through all the nonsense played up by the mainstream media and Umno politicos.

Are the reasonable Malays, Umno general members including, going to stand idly by and watch Najib cheat his way in the 13th general election by using use instant Indonesian Bumiputeras against our original Malays on this land?

Already, you see it in the fierce competition they are putting up in the market place. Today it’s like that.

Tomorrow? Your BR1M handouts will be reduced because there will be more “instant Malays” who need it.

No more can the reasonable Malay be fooled.

The reasonable Malay is no longer easily blinded by the fetish sense of patriotism hawked around by Perkasa or to mouth-foaming gesticulations of Hidup Melayu by any of the Umno leaders.

Because the reasonable Malay knows it’s all so much thunder but no rainfall.

Mohd Ariff Sabri Aziz



Stop rambling, bring on the polls!

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