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10 foreigners jailed for illegal entry

KOTA KINABALU 17th July, 2012: A total of 10 foreigners were jailed by the Sessions Court for entering the State illegally.

Judge Azreena Aziz handed down the sentence after they pleaded guilty to separate charges yesterday.

Bobong Salbadoi, Alan Nasir, Sabri Nordin, Salleh Montahay and Sarif Mohd Ading were each jailed four months plus caning for committing an offence framed under Section 6 (1) © of the Immigration Act.

The indictment carries a maximum fine of RM10,000, or a jail term of up to five years, or both, and with whipping upon conviction.

They were detained between July 2 and 16, at Luyang, Penampang, Beaufort and Kota Belud.

The court also sentenced Imran Malinta, 50, and Arman Majid, 20, to four months’ jail but no whipping was imposed due to the offenders’ age.

Imran was detained on July 6, in Sipitang while Arman was nabbed on July 9, in Beaufort.

Deputy public prosecutor Wan Aiman Azwan Wan Fakhruddin prosecuted.

Meanwhile, another three men received six months’ imprisonment and ordered to be whipped once for committing a similar offence.

Robi Jawari, 30, Alawi Jawari, 35, and Arini Abdul Pajam, 37, were detained between April 18 and 20, in the city. Immigration Department officer Norlyah Stoh prosecuted.


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