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RM521m projects to ensure flood-free Perlis

PADANG BESAR 07 March 2012: Three flood mitigation projects costing RM521 million, when completed by the end of 2014, will provide Perlis with a strong defence against floods.

Deputy Natural Resources and Environment Minister Tan Sri Joseph Kurup said the three projects were the second phase of upgrading works at the Timah Tasoh dam, the deepening and widening of Sungai Arau, and the 16km Western Bypass project.

"The designing stage of upgrading Sungai Arau has been completed and work is scheduled to start anytime soon. The cost of upgrading the whole stretch of the river is estimated to reach RM21 million.

"The second phase of upgrading the Timah Tasoh dam is at the designing stage and it is expected to cost around RM240 million."

In a visit to the dam yesterday, Joseph said the Western Bypass, which would channel water directly from the dam to the sea, was also at the designing stage and is estimated to cost RM260 million. Earlier, he attended a briefing on the flood mitigation projects by state Irrigation and Drainage Department director Nishad Mohamed Mohd Shaffy.

Huge floods that swept the state three times last year had become a big concern. Damage to properties, including crops, were estimated to be millions of ringgit each time a flood hits.


RM132 mil allocated for 148 devt projects next year

Others include flood prevention project (RM7.3 million), Sandakan flood mitigation plan (RM5.5 million), irrigation plan (RM6.6 million) and improvement of padi fields (RM2 million),

Datuk Yahya Hussin Deputy Chief Minister.

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