Jumaat, Mac 09, 2012


PM's approval rating remains strong, outpaces government's rating.

image image BANGI, 9 March 2012 – A recently concluded survey among voters in Peninsular Malaysia found that the prime minister's approval rating had climbed to 69% from 59% in August 2011. This figure comes on the back of improving public mood over the general economy and disbursement of funding (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) to alleviate the economic burden of low income households.

image Support for the prime minister was highest among households with income lower than RM1500 per month at 78%, Indian respondents at 80% and Malay respondents at 74%. The survey also found that satisfaction with the prime minister was higher among respondents above 50 years old, at over 73% as compared to younger respondents, for example, 64% among respondents aged 21 to 30 years old. The findings also show that as many of one-third of respondents who were inclined towards Pakatan Rakyat, reported satisfaction with the prime minister – indicating that such expression of approval may not all translate into votes for the ruling coalition.

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