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Haris quits as MCLM president

PETALING JAYA Jan 2, 2012 : Lawyer-turned-activist Haris Ibrahim has resigned as president of the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement.

He announced his resignation on his blog Monday, just two days after MCLM chairman and exiled blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin gave an interview to selected media lashing out at Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Claiming that Raja Petra's comments had greatly undermined MCLM's efforts for the upcoming general election, Haris said that he was saddened his “friend” continued to view the people through racial lenses.

He rebutted Raja Petra's interview where he was reported to have said MCLM would not field any candidate in the coming polls.

“I can confirm now that no decision has been made after due consultation,” said Haris.


He also had contention with Raja Petra's statement in which he was quoted as saying: “The Chinese voters don't want Tahrir Square type of change”, in reference to the revolutionary demonstrations in the Arab countries.

“In the circumstances, I find it impossible to continue to serve MCLM as its president,” he said.

Haris also revealed that he knew about the interview about a week beforehand when both the families went for a holiday together during Christmas but was not aware of what the blogger had said.

Despite that, he said he would still remain committed to the reforms they have been pressing for by “a new pro-rakyat government in Putrajaya”.

MCLM was formed in 2010 as a platform to offer “carefully vetted and chosen” candidates in the general election, to be fielded by Opposition parties.

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  1. I'm not interested to know whatever happen in MCLM.. let them to solve their own problem..

  2. itu keputusan dia nak berhenti.

  3. Tak sangka Haris Ibrahim meletak jawatan begitu sahaja.

  4. Cepat betul putus asa Haris Ibrahim. Belum apa-apa sudah keluar.

  5. terserah kepada dia untuk membuat keputusan untuk berhenti.

  6. biarlah dia sendiri yang menentukn halatujunya selepas ini.

  7. pasti ada yang tidak memuaskan hati hingga keluar meninggalkan jawatan tertingginya dalam MCLM.

  8. Haris kena fikir adakah itu merupakan satu keputusan yang betul dan terbaik.

  9. pasal apa letak jawatan? Mungkin ada offer lagi bagus.