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Sabahans feel threatened, not M'sians in p'sula: UBF

Kota Kinabalu Dec 22, 2011: The statement by Pekida Sabah head, Datu Akjan Ali Muhammad that the proposed Royal Commision of Inquiry (RCI) will cause racial tension among the various ethnic groups in Sabah is not only irresponsible but scandalous, ridiculous and a treason to all genuine Sabahans,

said UBF Deputy Chairman, Awang Ahmad Sah.

He said all ethnic groups in Sabah, including local Suluks and Bajaus, have been living together and working hand in hand since Independence in 1963 and have even formed the State Government together and shared the power.

"Our concern on the wrongful issuance of IC, MyKad and citizenship to the illegal immigrants is genuine as these foreigners have numbered almost equal to the local population," he said in a statement Wednesday.

Awang Ahmad said the giving of citizenships to unqualified illegal immigrants is a serious offence and an act of treason and threatens the national security not only of Sabah but of the country.

"The mass issuance of MyKad to the illegals has indirectly encouraged the influx of illegal immigrants from the Southern Philippines and Indonesia.

If left unchecked, Sabah's local population will be outnumbered.

"Ironically, instead of protecting Sabah from being "invaded" by Indonesia or the Plilippines as promised by Tunku Abdul Rahman, immigrants are resulting in a reverse takeover of Sabah," he claimed.

"This is the problem that we are talking about."

In this respect, he said the RCI is the best body to investigate how the illegal immigrants obtained their identity cards and who were responsible.

He said only the RCI can independently investigate the roots of the problems and offer remedies to be taken to resolve the problem of illegal immigrants and the granting of citizenships to them who are unqualified.

"It is Sabahans that are threatened and not those in the Peninsular.

The threat affects all sectors especially employment, education, politics, business and land as well as the creation of rising crime and social problems.

Awang Ahmad said already, the public transportation such as taxis and buses are dominated by these immigrants or new Sabahans, while enrolment at public universities and colleges were seriously affected.

In Kinabatangan alone, for example, he said locals were being outnumbered by five fold with a reported population of 117,689 foreigners and 32,638 locals in 2010.

He said state seats in the East Coast and West Coast especially Muslim majority seats and mixed-seats are already filled with thousands of voters with dubious MyKad. Towards this end, he said the resolution of the illegal immigrants problem requires a strong political will.

"The dependence on these "foreign voters" have weakened Sabah Umno leaders."

For example, he said illegal immigrants were occupying road reserve land at Putatan, but the Government doesn't have the guts to chase them out for fear of losing their votes come the next elections.

However, if it involves the locals, the Government would promptly demolish their houses.

"This is not politicising the issue nor it is politically motivated.

"Due to the fact that the Federal and State Governments have failed to act, it has now become a political issue that must be solved by the Federal Government and establishing the RCI is a must. All Sabahans including those in Umno must support the RCI," he said.

"As native Sabahans, we should look forward above religion and race.

Who will look after us when our oil are exhausted and Sabah becomes a 'liability' to the Federal Government?" he asked.

"All Sabahans must unite to ensure a better future for our future generations. The Federal leaders should make Sabahans proud to be Malaysians by practising justice and respecting the feelings of Sabahan Malaysians," he said.

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  1. We must have a fairer and cleaner electoral polls so that the people's choice will be honored.

  2. Sabahans should all unite against the foreigners, we must save Sabah.

  3. di sabah bagitu ramai pendatang asing, kebanjiran mereka menggugat kedudukan penduduk tempatan, kini pendatang asing makin berani dan ada dikalangan mereka yang mendapat IC dari jalan belakang. oleh itu, penubuhan RCI amat diperlukan.

  4. Akjan membantah penubuhan RCI, orang seperti Akjan sepatutnya dilucutkan kewarganegaraannya. orang seperti Akjan boleh menjadi ancaman kepada kita.

  5. Akjan better shut up.

  6. Kita rakyat Sabah tidak perlu terpengaruh dengan Akjan. Sokongan penuh penubuhan RCI.

  7. Akjan should be driven out from Sabah!

  8. di Kinabatangan, penduduk asing sudah melebihi penduduk tempatan tapi Bung Mokhtar masih boleh pula menolak penubuhan RCI.

  9. semoga penubuhan RCI akan diluluskan seawal tahun depan. PATI harus disingkirkan dari Sabah.

  10. RCI diminta adalah untuk mencari penyelesaian terhadap isu pati.

  11. harap masalah pati akan dapat diselesaikan.

  12. ada kes dimana penduduk kampung mendapat bayaran untuk membantu PATI mendapatkan dokumen sah untuk anak mereka yang baru lahir.. ada juga kes sindiket yang mengeluarkan MyKad palsu.. kenapa UBF tidak sentuh kes itu??

  13. kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Akjan tidak menggambarkan pendirian UMNO. saya sangat setuju dengan penubuhan RCI di Sabah.. kalau boleh, biarlah Akjan orang pertama yang disiasat..

  14. Mengenai SSD itu perlu dikaji semula kita tidak pasti apa yang berlaku pada masa akan datang jika dilaksanakan. Apa pun demi kebaikan Sabah rasanya kita perlu menyokong untuk memastikan PATI dapat ditangani.