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PRC woman: Singaporean men are short and arrogant

image A Chinese national woman criticised Singaporean men as short on looks but says that she intends to marry a Singaporean.

According to a report in The New Paper, singer Zhang Miao Yu, who comes from Xi'an, China is here to look for a husband.

Zhang is 26 years old, 1.69m, has a boxomy figure and looks like Hong Kong star Sammi Cheng. She is confident with her looks and currently sings at the nightspot, Shanghai Dolly.

Zhang said that she hopes to develop her singing career in Singapore, and at the same time, find a husband.

"I have nothing to lose in coming here. I am young and I want to see where my singing can take me. But my ultimate goal is to find a good husband," she said.

While she hopes to marry a Singaporean, she also said that Singaporean men are arrogant and chauvinistic, short, and not as good looking as the men in China.

Singaporean women interviewed say that local men constitute a long term meal ticket for Chinese national women like Zhang.

Ms Huang Ting Ting, 38, said that Singaporean women have a life to pursue and "not just a husband". She feels that to women like Zhang, Singaporean men are their meal tickets.

Ms Huang added, "If Singaporean men, especially the married ones, are so easily charmed by the Chinese women, they certainly do not deserve to be with Singaporean women."

Ms May Yee (37, beautician) said that she expects divorce rates to rise with the influx of these Chinese women here looking for husbands.

Ms Jenevieve Lee (40, designer) said, "With more Chinese women coming here, there will surely be more social problems. We are already facing problems like a rise in divorce rates, young people not getting married and the married ones not having children. Shouldn't our government do something to control these social problems?"

She continued, "Singaporean women are already marrying later because they put more emphasis on their careers, the last thing we want is to fight with a Chinese woman over a husband. For me, I will just focus on my career."

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