Khamis, Ogos 25, 2011


Indonesian gets 14 years’ jail, cane for raping local woman

KOTA KINABALU August 25, 2011: An Indonesian man was jailed for 14 years and ordered to be given five strokes of the cane by the Sessions Court here yesterday for raping and injuring a local woman.

Abdullah Rikki, 23, pleaded guilty before judge Amir Shah Amir Hassan to raping the 21-year-old woman at a bush near a rubber estate at Telipok Ria, Tuaran about 6pm on August 12.

The accused also injured the woman by pulling her hair and strangling her neck, causing her to be unconscious.

The unrepresented accused was charged under Section 376 (2) (a) of the Penal Code which provides for a jail term of between five and 30 years and is also liable to whipping on conviction.

The facts of the case stated that while the victim was walking alone at the area after finishing work, the accused pulled her hair from behind and covered her mouth using his hand before strangling her.

When she fell unconsciousness, the accused brought her into the bush and raped her. She found herself naked after she regained consciousness.

Police investigation revealed the accused had raped the woman who was having a menstruation. There were also injuries and bruises on her neck.

The woman also felt pain all over her body due to the struggle between her and the accused.

Police arrested the accused at Kampung Bondulan in Menggatal about 12.40am on August 17 following a report lodged by the victim.

Earlier in pleading for leniency, Abdullah informed the court that he has two children to look after.

In her rebuttal, prosecuting officer ASP Sabrina Jinius urged the court to impose a deterrent sentence on the accused as he had committed a serious offence.

She said the interest of the victim and the public as well should be given the utmost consideration in passing sentence.

Sabrina added that the victim suffered psychological and emotional affect and the latter was also injured in the incident.

The court ordered the accused to be referred to the Immigration Department after serving the custodial sentence for deportation.

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  1. Mereka yang melakukan kesalahan perlulah menerima hukuman yang setaraf.

  2. memang wajar hukuman yang berat dikenakan terhadap pesalah tersebut.

  3. hukuman ini mmg setimpal dgn kesalahan yang dilakukannya.

  4. harap pelaku insaflah bila hukuman 14 tahun penjara dikenakan. lepas keluar nanti terus pula diusir balik ke Indonesia. memang wajar.

  5. "Earlier in pleading for leniency, Abdullah informed the court that he has two children to look after."

    Huh, that time only he realized he has kids? You already ruined a woman's life or maybe more.

  6. Warga asing lagi. Nampaknya mereka ini memang tidak takut akan hukuman yang bakal diteriam.

  7. yup.. lepas habis tempoh hukuman, penjenayah ini mesti dihantar balik ke negara asal.. semua penjenayah tidak patut diringankan hukuman atas sebab2 tangungan, kerana ketika mereka melakukan jenayah, mereka tidak fikirpun kesannya kepada mangsa.. teruskan hukuman sebagaimana yang telah diperuntukkan dalam undang2.