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PBS worried over illegals’ children getting birth certs

KOTA KINABALU 15/12/2012: The relevant authorities should be cautious and responsible enough in handling late birth certificates, especially through the mobile service, Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister Datuk Radin Malleh said.

The Parti Bersatu Sabah vice-president said this because he was worried that children of illegal immigrants could be unintentionally registered for a birth certificate in the process.

“In view of the huge numbers such a mistake and weakness cannot be avoided,”

Radin said when commenting on the allegation that 40,000 birth certificates had been issued to children of illegal immigrants.

Radin who is also Melalap assemblyman, opined that such a process of massive registration of late birth certificates should not have happened after all we have gained independence for more than 49 years already.

“Though we have a vast state, the growth was extraordinary. All the relevant authorities should have cooperated and worked hand in hand all along together with the grassroots government machinery such villages heads, JKKK and JKDB, and the people for that matter,” added Radin.

This could lessen the burden of the authorities, he said, adding that it could not be denied that such a problem, the very big presence of illegal immigrants, was being faced by Sabahans.


Only 1,000 issued in Semporna

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