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Longer jail term for foreigner

KOTA KINABALU 5th July, 2012: A Filipino who is married to a local woman will be in jail at least for the next 40 years after the Sessions Court sentenced him to another 18 years’ jail for sexually abusing his stepdaughter.

The foreigner will also be whipped six times after the 34-year-old changed his plea when the case was brought up before Judge Ismail Brahim for trial yesterday.

The unrepresented accused admitted inserting an object into the 14 year-old girl’s private part at a riverbank at a village in Inanam on March 23, this year at about 9.30am.

The offence framed under Section 377CA of the Penal Code carries a jail term of up to 20 years and whipping on condition.

The accused was first charged on March 29, at the male ward of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he pleaded guilty to raping the girl and sexually abusing her before attempting to kill the young girl at the said place.

However, High Court deputy registrar Mohd Hafizi Abdul Halim who sat as Sessions Court judge set May 29, for re-mention pending mental evaluation report from Hospital Mesra Bukit Padang.

On May 29, the accused was sentenced to a total of 23 years’ imprisonment and 10 strokes of the rotan by another Sessions Court for raping and attempting to murder his stepdaughter.

For raping the girl, the accused received 13 years and 10 strokes of the cane and for the murder attempt by attacking the girl with an oil palm frond he received another 10 years’ imprisonment.

All the jail terms were ordered to be run consecutively.

Meanwhile for the offence under Section 377CA of the Penal Code for which the accused denied the crime, the court fixed another date for trial.

For all three crimes, he received a total of 41 years’ imprisonment plus 16 strokes of the cane.

He was also ordered to be referred to the Immigration Department for deportation after completing his sentence.

The facts of the case stated that police received a call from a man on March 23 informing of a naked girl with her neck cut and bleeding from the private part lying in front of his house at Kampung Dambai in Kionsom, Inanam.

A police team rushed to the scene and brought the victim to the Likas Hospital.

Based on investigations, the accused had brought the victim to the village by boarding a mini bus and upon reaching the destination she was forced to go to the river.

The accused then raped the girl before trying to drown her in the river, where she passed out.

When the victim regained consciousness, she found that the accused had fled. She walked for about 300 metres before reaching the house to seek for help from the man who called the police.

The accused not only raped the girl and cut her neck with the oil palm frond; he also sexually abused the victim by inserting the frond into her vagina.

In mitigation, the accused pleaded for leniency but DPP Nartiah F. Mirchelle Sambatan urged the court to impose a stiff punishment as the accused had committed a serious offence.


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