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Umno does not depend on BN – division chief

KENINGAU September 2, 2012: Pensiangan Umno division head Datuk Abdul Ghani Mohd Yassin has called for Umno to be respected by all parties.

“Umno does not depend on Barisan Nasional (BN) but BN depends on the party (Umno).

“As the backbone of BN, Umno must continue to hold to the principle of serving the interest of all the people and the nation with emphasis on respecting values and mutual respect,”

he said yesterday.

In his keynote address at the Pensiangan Umno division delegates meeting, Abdul Ghani maintained the stance that there would have been no BN without Umno and not vice versa.

He said this fact must be understood so that the spirit of friendship, cooperation and understanding between the component parties could be preserved.

“This remains the source of our strength to ensure a decisive victory in the forthcoming General Elections.

“We need to renew our determination and support to Umno and the BN leadership, both at the Federal and state level,” Abdul Ghani said.

The combination of Umno president, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and the Sabah Umno liaison head Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman is one of the most ideal in charting the progress and future of the people of the state and the country, he said.

He went on to add that the essence of BN and Umno’s struggle is reflected by the benefits of development currently enjoyed by the people.

When calling for Umno and its struggle to be respected by all parties, Abdul Ghani said, Umno’s integrity and dignity as well as its struggles should be given due respect by all parties for it was Umno’s strength that had led BN to govern Malaysia for the past half century.

“No one can deny that Umno remains the determining factor for victory and not one component party can any longer claim that without Umno they could survive,” he said.

The emergence of new parties would not threaten the political dominance of Umno and BN.

“No tsunami will occur in this state,” he reiterated confidently.

A total of 338 delegates were in attendance.


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  1. The prime minister said after Umno was set up, the Malays no longer placed the interest of their own ethnic group uppermost in their minds, instead they chose to unite under the banner of Umno.Najib said the attitude of glorifying ethnicity would weaken the Malays and Umno, and would pedal back the Malays to the era of the 'divide and rule' advocated by the colonial power, thus dissipating the original principles and struggle of Umno.He said the struggle based on Umno's principles and values would determine the survival of the party in defending the religion, nation, country, and further develop the country.

  2. semua parti dalam BN memainkan peranan penting.

  3. Parti dalam BN saling bergantung.

  4. Mereka haruslah sentiasa bersatu dan bekerjasama bagi mencapai matlamat bersama dalam membawa pembagunan.

  5. saya kurang bersetuju.. tahukah Datuk Abdul Ghani bahawa UMNO juga belum tentu boleh berdiri sendiri tanpa BN?

    Borneo Bullet

  6. mungkin saya lebih bersetuju jika di Sabah, UMNO atau BN bergantung dengan PBS untuk mengekalkan kuasa..

    1. Betul juga tu..parti ni dapat masuk Sabah sebab parti tempatan Sabah juga.

    2. Parti komponen seharus sebulat suara dan bersatu padu memperjuangkan misi yang sama.

  7. Persaingan BN dan pembangkang juga semakin giat.

  8. “Umno does not depend on Barisan Nasional (BN) but BN depends on the party (Umno).

    is this true. Its sound like BN can survive without MCA & MIC.

  9. Sokongan sepenuhnya dari komponen amat diperlukan. Sikap ego harus dielakkan.

  10. Jika tidak dapat bekerjasama untuk memperjuangkan misi yang sama, tidak perlulah bergabung. dah lah bergabung, kerjasamalah dengan sebaiknya.