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KITA will not contest general election

image PETALING JAYA: Recently-formed Parti KITA will not be fielding any candidates in the next general election.

Reversing their earlier decision to run in the upcoming polls, the party now announces that it will support the Opposition.

“...In the interests of maintaining solidarity with the Opposition, KITA will not field any candidate if doing so will jeapordise the chance of an Opposition candidate winning a seat,”

said the party in a press statement Tuesday evening.

Pledging to give “unconditional support” to the Opposition, KITA said that this was the time in the nation's history to make great sacrifices.

“KITA will not call on others to make such a sacrifice if it is unprepared to do itself,” it said.

Helmed by lawyer-turned-maverick-politician Zaid Ibrahim, KITA has seen several tumultuous changes in its short history including the sacking of three of its central committee members since its launch in January.

It had previously announced its intention to contest in the 13th general election as well as to cooperate with the ruling Barisan Nasional.


KITA will support the Opposition

6 December 2011

KITA will support the OppositionRecent statements from UMNO leaders about the Opposition parties portend dangerous trends in the nation’s politics. These statements are both regrettable and worrying.

The DAP has been labeled as a “racist” party, and those Malays who are in the Opposition are described as lackeys of the Chinese. There have been false accusations that, if the Opposition wins, the country will become a republic and the Malays will lose all their rights and privileges.

These accusations are dangerous and irresponsible. The DAP bashing will further alienate the Chinese community  but will do nothing to hurt them, as they are self sufficient and  self contained community. Instead it will be the Malays who will suffer because they party they trusted to lead them only have wild rhetoric’s to offer;  when the Malays are looking for honest solutions to the nations problems.

Such irresponsible statements by the leaders of our country will do nothing but widen the already terrible divisions in our society. It appears that our leaders today want to win the General Election at all costs, and they care more for their own positions and power than the wellbeing of Malaysia and her people.

To show our solidarity with the people of the Malaysia, and our rejection of such fascist and authoritarian ideas, KITA wishes to restate that we will continue to support the Opposition platform in the hope of real change.

Whilst we disagree with some the Opposition policies, we believe that despite these shortcomings the Opposition will not destroy racial harmony in Malaysia. The Opposition will not play the politics of race or religion to the extent that they will destroy the fabric of Malaysian society.

The unity of the people is central to KITA’s political philosophy and party tenet, and we believe that the Opposition is better suited to achieve such unity.

We have made statements that we will participate in the coming General Election, but we now wish to announce that, in the interests of maintaining solidarity with the Opposition, KITA will not field any candidate if doing so will jeopardise the chances of an Opposition candidate winning a seat.

We will instead give unconditional  support  to the Opposition in any way we can to ensure victory for the people. This is the time in our nation’s history that the people must be prepared to make great sacrifices. KITA will not call on others to make such a sacrifice if it is unprepared to do itself.

KITA has decided that unity demands that smaller parties, such as ourselves, give way to larger political parties to ensure optimum results in the election.

Malaysia needs to change for the better. KITA is prepared to do what it takes to see that change through.

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  1. Adalah kebebasan parti KITA samada hendak bertanding ataupun tidak.

  2. Harap rakyat sendiri akan mengundi dengan bijak bila PRU-13 menjelang.

  3. At least KITA made a good choice by not contesting in the next GE.

  4. Tentu sengit kalau PRU13 nanti menampakkan pertandingan 1 lawan 1.

  5. ada dengar khabar KITA nak bertanding semua kerusi di Sabah. tiba2 tak nak bertanding pula.

  6. apapun, itu semua terpulang pada KITA nak buat keputusan.

  7. kejap kata bertanding di semua kerusi di Sabah, kejap kata tidak.. mana satu yang betul ni..

  8. sukar untuk mana2 parti politik untuk terus berada diarena politik jika tidak mempunyai pendirian yang tetap.. dulu dia cakap bebas, sekarang dia sokong pembangkang pula..

  9. terserah kepada parti KITA sendiri sama ada mereka mahu bertanding atau tidak.

  10. rakyat perlu membuat pilihan yang bijak. pilihlah parti yang terbaik dan mampu membawa pembangunan.

  11. KITA berada di pihak pembangkang dan Gerakan berada di pihak kerajaan. dua2 masih baru di Sabah untuk bertanding pada PRU akan datang.

  12. KITA mesti ada pendirian. kalau mahu bertanding di Sabah, aturkan persediaan seawalnya. sama juga dengan SAPP yang kata mau bekerjasama dengan PKR. sekejap mahu, sekejap tidak.

  13. Terpulang kepada KITA untuk menyokong parti mana yang terbaik untuk mereka.